Different Types of Motivation For Engaging in Pet Play

How to Get Into Pet Play

Pet play is a part of the broader BDSM community. There are many types of pet play where people can role-play as different types of animals. The popular ones are kitten, puppy, and pony play. The partners can also take on the characteristics of wild animals, maybe even mystical ones, or explore hentai pet play.

It is one of the easier subgenres for newcomers to get into and open up to. Furthermore, there is a fair amount of free porn featuring this kink to help people get to know the community better. However, it does not only have to do with sex but also more with the connection between the partners.

Sexual Pleasure

One of the main reasons many want to become pet slaves or masters is because they derive sexual pleasure from being in a dominant or submissive role. That is one of the baselines for BDSM, but communication, trust, and openness is the main point of it.

The masters can dominate the pets as they drink out of their water bowl on all fours or train them to do tricks. However, some partners may only express their interest in pet play from a non-sexual point of view. That means that they would rather like their Doms to take care of them as they would do with a real pet. That includes cuddling, petting, going out for walks, etc.

Escape From Self and Relaxation

Another reason why pet play is a popular trend is that it is about freedom. That means that the one playing the role of the pet can let go of adult responsibilities since they have an “owner” who is there to take care of them. It is a chance for the pet to relax.

On the other hand, the master can take a break from their life and focus their attention on the pet. Sexual pet play can include whipping, bondage, etc. But this should be discussed between partners so that safewords can be established. Plus, knowing what areas of the body to focus on is also helpful since this is all about fun and bonding, not pain.

Another way pet play differs from other types of role-playing scenes is that, while people are playing characters, they do not communicate as humans do. That means that communication can be limited to:

  • Animals sounds
  • Body language
  • Gestures
  • Facial expressions

The above can help foster a deeper connection between the two since words can often fail us.

Adult Play/Physicality

The freedom of being able to behave like an animal can be a major turn-on, and that is what drives a lot of people to take on such a role. However, some people also like to have humanized pets to play with. It is about letting go and finding the right person to have fun with.

The idea that you run around on all fours, or nuzzle next to your partner can be something to desire. It is a release and a chance to escape the stressful world of humans in exchange for a simpler life of pets.

However, the physicality of being a pet does not have to be a full-on, on-all-fours experience. There can be humanness in the play. For example, the pet can walk upright but wear a fluffy tail. That can be enough to get the point across. Pet play has relaxed rules, and it is not as serious compared to some other types of BDSM.

Relationships and Community

As mentioned, playing the roles of a pet and owner is all about trust, communication, and openness. It is about bonding and building a relationship, whether it is sexual or not. Pets engaging with their owners seem them to feel a connection that can go deeper than that of human-on-human interaction. Plus, there is a lot of information on the internet that can give you ideas and pointers to make pet play safe and fun.

When a person finds someone who shares their interest, they can trust them and open up. That is why pet play is a gateway for newcomers to BDSM since it is more relaxed and less aggressive compared to other types of play. It is for fun, experimentation, and it is a way to get to know not only your partner and their kinks but yourself as well.


Playing as an animal can tell you a lot about yourself. There is a saying that certain people are like certain types of animals. One person is like a puppy — they can be hyperactive and want to explore as well as to be disciplined. Another is like a kitten who only wants to cuddle when they approach their owner.

Pet play is a chance to show the animal that you would describe yourself as. Plus, it lets you explore your personality, especially in a safe, trusting BDSM set-up. On the other end, you can discover what type of “owner” you are.

Typical Costumes of Someone Engaging in Pet Play

While there are high-quality animal tail plugs and costumes that can help with the play, that is not completely necessary for the scene. Sometimes, just acting like a yelping puppy is enough to get the event going.

However, some people do think that items such as fox-tail, bunny-tail, puppy-tail plugs, etc. are helpful to get into the character of the pet. Masters may even have a different costume to get into the persona of a pet owner. There are also collars, masks, pet bowls, and whips to help bring the event to life and escape the real, human world. To have a better idea, take a look at these tails that can elevate your pet play experience.

Last Play

Pet play can be a relaxing and fun way to bond between two people. However, it should be safe, and communication (even non-vocal) is key. Pet play can be a chance to explore and relax while being someone (or something) else.

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